04 June 2008

Bee files petitions


We did it! Thanks to all of you, yesterday we filed our petitions for nomination. We filed the largest number of signatures ever collected for a Republican candidate in CD8! All collected by volunteers! Now the hard work begins and again I need to turn to my friends for help.

You’ve demonstrated that you, and thousands like you, want better representation in Washington. You want less government, reduced taxes, less government spending, secured borders, strong national defense, and the rule of law obeyed. I have heard your concerns. I share them, and will fight for them. You want leadership not politicians. You want results not platitudes.

We CAN win this, but we have to get our message out and that takes much needed resources. As you may know, my opponent has over a million dollars in her campaign account, much of which was raised from PACs, unions, and from people out-of-state.

I’m proud that I raised almost $75,000 more from individuals than my opponent did during the first quarter of this year. I’m proud that almost all my money was raised from Arizonans. I’m proud that I am continuing to receive such tremendous support from my friends and neighbors throughout the district.

We know that we will need a lot more money to deliver our message. The media obviously will not help. It is imperative to get the resources to do it --starting soon. So, please -- now is the time I need your help.

This will be the toughest race of my political career, and that is why I am asking you to please support my campaign by making a generous contribution of $35, $50 or even $100. Please click here to make a contribution now. Please do it today - the June 30 filing deadline is fast approaching.

Grace and I thank you for your continued support.


Tim Bee

P.S. -- My family and I know that this will be a hard fight for us to win, but I don’t turn away from tough challenges. I didn’t in the Arizona Legislature, and I won’t in Washington. I appreciate your continued support.

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