28 May 2008

Teddy likes to play games

Our dear friend Ted over at Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion is making an attempt to distract us all. While Tedski may have a well put-together and interesting blog, it is all full of crap.

Today he made a post attacking Tim Bee for attending a John McCain fundraiser with President Bush in Phoenix. He goes after Senator Bee saying that he claims to be a different kind of Republican, yet still takes time to go see the President.

Really all Teddy is doing is making a feeble attempt to distract us with one hand while the other hand is waving off Gabby Giffords doing the exact same thing. She claims to be a centrist, new age, fiscally conservative Democrat, yet she brought in the ultra-liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her own fundraiser in Phoenix. So much for being a centrist when she is kissing up to the far-left Democratic leadership.

By the way, Senator Bee wasn't even at an event that was his own fundraiser. Bush was in for McCain and Bee is a supporter of McCain.

Good try though Ted.

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