04 June 2008

Bee files petitions


We did it! Thanks to all of you, yesterday we filed our petitions for nomination. We filed the largest number of signatures ever collected for a Republican candidate in CD8! All collected by volunteers! Now the hard work begins and again I need to turn to my friends for help.

You’ve demonstrated that you, and thousands like you, want better representation in Washington. You want less government, reduced taxes, less government spending, secured borders, strong national defense, and the rule of law obeyed. I have heard your concerns. I share them, and will fight for them. You want leadership not politicians. You want results not platitudes.

We CAN win this, but we have to get our message out and that takes much needed resources. As you may know, my opponent has over a million dollars in her campaign account, much of which was raised from PACs, unions, and from people out-of-state.

I’m proud that I raised almost $75,000 more from individuals than my opponent did during the first quarter of this year. I’m proud that almost all my money was raised from Arizonans. I’m proud that I am continuing to receive such tremendous support from my friends and neighbors throughout the district.

We know that we will need a lot more money to deliver our message. The media obviously will not help. It is imperative to get the resources to do it --starting soon. So, please -- now is the time I need your help.

This will be the toughest race of my political career, and that is why I am asking you to please support my campaign by making a generous contribution of $35, $50 or even $100. Please click here to make a contribution now. Please do it today - the June 30 filing deadline is fast approaching.

Grace and I thank you for your continued support.


Tim Bee

P.S. -- My family and I know that this will be a hard fight for us to win, but I don’t turn away from tough challenges. I didn’t in the Arizona Legislature, and I won’t in Washington. I appreciate your continued support.

28 May 2008

Teddy likes to play games

Our dear friend Ted over at Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion is making an attempt to distract us all. While Tedski may have a well put-together and interesting blog, it is all full of crap.

Today he made a post attacking Tim Bee for attending a John McCain fundraiser with President Bush in Phoenix. He goes after Senator Bee saying that he claims to be a different kind of Republican, yet still takes time to go see the President.

Really all Teddy is doing is making a feeble attempt to distract us with one hand while the other hand is waving off Gabby Giffords doing the exact same thing. She claims to be a centrist, new age, fiscally conservative Democrat, yet she brought in the ultra-liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her own fundraiser in Phoenix. So much for being a centrist when she is kissing up to the far-left Democratic leadership.

By the way, Senator Bee wasn't even at an event that was his own fundraiser. Bush was in for McCain and Bee is a supporter of McCain.

Good try though Ted.

22 May 2008

A message from Senator Bee

We need real consumer protections

May. 21, 2008 12:00 AM

Your recent editorial characterized Senate Bill 1028, which requires the licensing of loan originators, as a bill that will protect consumers.

I could not agree with you more that we must do everything we can to protect the public. Senators have expressed to me legitimate concerns about exempting the very proponents of the bill, including the ones responsible for a significant number of subprime loans ending in default.

Furthermore, proponents of the bill want to require that all licensed loan originators be employed only by brokers or banks. This eliminates competition from the mortgage industry. Thus, there are legitimate questions about whether this bill is truly about protecting consumers or, rather, a smoke screen to monopolize power.

It is disappointing to me that the efforts of Senate leadership to address significant concerns with this legislation have been severely criticized and are dismissed as "mindless red tape." Be assured we are working on a solution that will protect consumers from unscrupulous lenders. I believe that Arizonans deserve better from their elected officials and that we should enact solutions that provide real consumer protections for everyone. - Tim Bee,Tucson
The writer, a Republican, is president of the Arizona Senate.

21 May 2008

What about Bob?

I think it is about time for Bob Walkup to start supporting Republican candidates. By that I simply mean it is high-time for Walkup to declare his support for Tim Bee!

I know people could counter with the argument that Walkup really isn't a Republican, and to a certain degree it is true, he does many things that Republicans generally do not support. But the thing is, Republicans have always supported him. This is not the case of Joe Lieberman versus the Democrats. The Pima GOP has done nothing to dump on Walkup except support him in every election. He didn't even have a Republican challenger in 2007, adding to his ease of re-election by not even having a Democratic opponent.

But our dear friend Bob has been smooching with Gabby Giffords and the sight of it is getting repulsive. He was her guest-of-honor to the 2008 State of the Union Address, and now he is going to be going on a publicity tour of motorcycle safety with her.

I understand the need for bipartisanship, in fact I fully support that notion. However, by doing these types of things, Bob-o is making it look like Gabby has bipartisan support.

Maybe he just doesn't care about supporting the party that has worked so hard for him since his first (and winning) bid for the Mayors seat. This is his third term and it is unlikely he is going to run for re-election.

Give Walkup's office a call and tell him to start supporting the people that supported him! Because I guarantee you that Gabby never supported him in 2007 or when she was a State Senator.

Mayor's Office: 520-791-4201

15 May 2008

New Blood

So I've been pondering...

The other day the Republican Party surrendered yet another seat in the House during a special election. This time it was a reliably Republican district in Mississippi that gave Bush a whopping 62% of the vote in 2004.

So between 2004 and 2008, what happened? Simply put, the GOP stood up and tucked its head under, past the knees. The party in general has allowed itself to become associated with crooks and liars that critics typically stereotype to be Republican. The party has allowed its message of fiscal responsibility to be drowned in pig fat. I could go on, but it's pretty painful. The bottom line is that Republicans have lost a lot of credibility.

What we need is new blood. Someone who has shown a commitment to the core principals of the party yet knows how to work with our opponents across the isle to get work done.

Who is that person you ask? None other than the President of the Arizona Senate, Tim Bee. He has been credited nationally for his leadership skills and being able to get work done. The National Conference of State Legislatures called him, "hands down one of the most well-liked leaders in the country."

If we can get Senator Bee into the U.S. Congress, I know that within a couple of years he could be a top person in the House leadership because he has proven that he can lead in environments that aren't always GOP-friendly (i.e., our Democratic governor). By the first session of Congress in 2011 we could easily find Bee as one of the deputies of the caucus leaders. Heck, I can see him as the head of the NRCC as a new voice to advance our Republican House candidates all over the country.

But none of that will happen if we don't get him elected..

14 May 2008

On the side of business

Tim Bee is nothing short of a friend to job growth in Arizona. He has fought for business tax reduction, as well as cuts in business personal property tax. For his efforts he has been recognized repeatedly. In 2005 he was awarded by the Arizona Small Business Association for his work and a year later awarded as the Arizona Senator of the Year by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce.

Yesterday, Bee was awarded by the Arizona Manufacturers Council to be their Senator of the Year.

"Sen. Bee's relentless efforts to enhance Arizona's research and development tax credit make him an obvious choice for Senator of the Year," said Mark Dobbins, chairman of the council and vice chairman of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Dobbins continued, said that Bee is a "champion of policies that make Arizona a better environment for manufacturers."

Read the full article here: Phoenix Business Journal

Welcome to The Southern Arizona Sting!

Welcome to The Southern Arizona Sting!

Here at The Sting, it's all about about promoting commonsense Republicans for office in Southern Arizona! Obviously I strongly support Tim Bee for Congress.

In the coming weeks and months you will discover whom I support, whom I don't, and who I think, nay...know should just stop their political career before it starts. If you get pissed at me for telling the truth, well that's you're problem.