15 May 2008

New Blood

So I've been pondering...

The other day the Republican Party surrendered yet another seat in the House during a special election. This time it was a reliably Republican district in Mississippi that gave Bush a whopping 62% of the vote in 2004.

So between 2004 and 2008, what happened? Simply put, the GOP stood up and tucked its head under, past the knees. The party in general has allowed itself to become associated with crooks and liars that critics typically stereotype to be Republican. The party has allowed its message of fiscal responsibility to be drowned in pig fat. I could go on, but it's pretty painful. The bottom line is that Republicans have lost a lot of credibility.

What we need is new blood. Someone who has shown a commitment to the core principals of the party yet knows how to work with our opponents across the isle to get work done.

Who is that person you ask? None other than the President of the Arizona Senate, Tim Bee. He has been credited nationally for his leadership skills and being able to get work done. The National Conference of State Legislatures called him, "hands down one of the most well-liked leaders in the country."

If we can get Senator Bee into the U.S. Congress, I know that within a couple of years he could be a top person in the House leadership because he has proven that he can lead in environments that aren't always GOP-friendly (i.e., our Democratic governor). By the first session of Congress in 2011 we could easily find Bee as one of the deputies of the caucus leaders. Heck, I can see him as the head of the NRCC as a new voice to advance our Republican House candidates all over the country.

But none of that will happen if we don't get him elected..

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