21 May 2008

What about Bob?

I think it is about time for Bob Walkup to start supporting Republican candidates. By that I simply mean it is high-time for Walkup to declare his support for Tim Bee!

I know people could counter with the argument that Walkup really isn't a Republican, and to a certain degree it is true, he does many things that Republicans generally do not support. But the thing is, Republicans have always supported him. This is not the case of Joe Lieberman versus the Democrats. The Pima GOP has done nothing to dump on Walkup except support him in every election. He didn't even have a Republican challenger in 2007, adding to his ease of re-election by not even having a Democratic opponent.

But our dear friend Bob has been smooching with Gabby Giffords and the sight of it is getting repulsive. He was her guest-of-honor to the 2008 State of the Union Address, and now he is going to be going on a publicity tour of motorcycle safety with her.

I understand the need for bipartisanship, in fact I fully support that notion. However, by doing these types of things, Bob-o is making it look like Gabby has bipartisan support.

Maybe he just doesn't care about supporting the party that has worked so hard for him since his first (and winning) bid for the Mayors seat. This is his third term and it is unlikely he is going to run for re-election.

Give Walkup's office a call and tell him to start supporting the people that supported him! Because I guarantee you that Gabby never supported him in 2007 or when she was a State Senator.

Mayor's Office: 520-791-4201

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Anonymous said...

I dunno, Walkup's got a lot of bipartisan credibility in Tucson. Some of that might be misspent if he endorses every Republican.

(Personally, I think Republican chances aren't good in '08. But give the Dems Congress and the Presidency, and Republicans could be in better shape in 2010)